Niantic is adding gifting to ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’

Taking a page from Pokémon Go, Niantic is adding gifting to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Whenever you dispatch the enlarged reality game, you’ll have the option to discover distinctive shaded boxes at the game’s hotels, strongholds and nurseries, and afterward send them to your companions.

Depending on the color of the gift box, it will contain various rewards. Blue boxes, for instance, contain spell control, Wizards Unite’s most pined for asset, while yellow and green boxes contain runestones and elixir fixings individually. Each shading blessing box originates from a particular area type – you’ll just discover blue boxes, for instance, at motels. Be that as it may, each time you locate another one, Niantic says you’ll additionally get the opportunity to procure extra things, just as extra Wizarding XP.

Much the same as in Pokémon Go, there are several limitations to the gifting. The first is that that you can’t open any blessing boxes you get yourself – that would conflict with the soul of the framework. Additionally, you can’t give your companions things; you’re just ready to send a companion a solitary blessing at regular intervals. On that note, Niantic additionally says that you can just send 10 presents for every day, and hold 100 presents aggregate in your stock.

While most would agree Wizards Unite hasn’t been the achievement that Pokémon Go was (and keeps on being) for Niantic, it’s great to see the engineer keep on dealing with the game – regardless of whether it’s just to include a component that was at that point accessible in Pokémon Go.

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