Google’s redesigned ‘My Devices’ page now tracks computers

Google’s My Devices page has to a great extent been supplanted by the Find My Device include, yet it’s still broadly utilized by G Suite users. As of recently, it’s just worked with phones and tablets, however Google has at long last refreshed the application with a crisp look and the capacity to oversee personal computers, too.

That will give you a chance to accomplish very similar things with a workstation that you can do with your phone, similar to wipe, bolt and find it. The new interface (above) is more easy to use than previously, too, giving you a chance to check data, the executives and area for every gadget. Discover My Device works similarly, however is coordinated more at shoppers instead of G Suite business clients. You can likewise utilize the “your gadgets” board to discover and sign out of your work area, Android and Wear OS gadgets.

The board likewise has another URL at (for G Suite clients just) yet it will divert the bygone one to that address. The new page will take somewhere in the range of one and three days to work for everybody, Google said.

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