Facebook is facing an EU investigation over data collection

Google isn’t the main tech giant confronting an examination from European Union antitrust regulators over data collection and monetization. The European Commission has Facebook in its sights as well.

The body disclosed to Reuters it began starter examinations concerning how the two organizations handle information. “These examinations concern the manner in which information is assembled, handled, utilized and adapted including for promoting purposes,” the EU’s opposition watchdog said.

Regulators are wanting to decide if Facebook places confinements on information use by outsider organizations in return for access to APIs for its center stage and Instagram. They’re endeavoring to see whether Facebook hampers access to information and provided that this is true, why.

EU authorities are said to be worried over the immense troves of information significant tech organizations store and whether they utilize such data to hamper contenders. A month ago, it rose EU controllers are investigating Facebook’s Marketplace administration identified with how the arranged advertisements showcase has changed in the course of the most recent couple of years and the business connects between the organization and its adversaries.

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