Work for The Scripps Voice

Thank you for your interest in applying to be part of The Scripps Voice staff!
Below are the descriptions for all our positions. Please note that some are already filled - please contact us to see if we are hiring for your desired position.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and any applicable samples (writing, photos, design/video work, etc.) to . You may also be contacted for an interview. Editors and managers are paid $9.00/hour; all other staff members are compensated with Motley coupons (one per article or photo collection). Students from all 5Cs are encouraged to apply for open positions. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, .


Design Editor

Design Editors will attend bi-monthly staff meetings and all layout nights. Design Editors will adhere to the style guide at all times while laying out the pages for print using Adobe InDesign CS6. Experience with Adobe InDesign CS5 or higher is required. Include in your application examples of your InDesign skills.

Copy Editor

Copy editors are in charge of editing any and all writing. They will edit articles submitted by writers according to AP style. They will also be available help writers polish their content. They will attend all bi-monthly staff meetings. Prior experience in copy editing is not necessary, but news-writing experience is preferable. Work study preferred.


The Web Manager will manage all aspects of the Scripps Voice’s online presence. S/he will upload all content from each issue plus any additional content to the website in a timely manner. S/he will also update the newspaper’s Facebook and Twitter daily. The Web Manager should also attend all biweekly staff meetings. Work study preferred.

Business Manager

The Business Manager will manage all aspects of The Scripps Voice’s budgets and finances. S/he will be in charge of finding advertisers, finding sources of funding, working with our printers, and managing the budget. S/he will also attend all biweekly staff meetings. Work study preferred.

Staff Writers

Staff Writers are responsible for writing stories for the paper. They should expect to attend and cover campus events, parties, CLORG and SAS meetings; to interview students, faculty, and visitors; and anything else involved in producing material for issues of The Scripps Voice. Staff Writers are encouraged to recruit guest writers. Staff Writers will attend all staff meetings. Prior journalism experience is not necessary, though it is preferred. We will provide training for all writers.


Columnists are staff writers who write about a specific topic about which they are especially knowledgeable each issue. Columnists are expected to turn in stories of adequate length in every single issue, with very rare exceptions.


Photographers are responsible for all the photos needed for each issue of the paper. They should expect to attend and photograph campus events, subjects of articles or interviews, CLORG or SAS meetings, parties, etc. Staff Photographers are welcome to recruit guest photographers when needed. When it is not realistic to produce original material for articles (in the case of an article about a student’s study abroad experience, for example), Photographers may need to contact writers to obtain photos for The Scripps Voice to use. Photographers will attend bi-weekly staff meetings. Prior journalism or photojournalism experience is not necessary.