Having over five years of journalism experience under her belt, Elena is excited to be an Editor-in-Chief of The Scripps Voice. Formerly a Design Editor, she has experience in almost every aspect of journalism from content creation to layout and design. A math major native to Palo Alto, she also enjoys spending copious amounts of time at Whole Foods or Lululemon and explaining why the bay area is the best place on earth. All while thinking about what a good time it is to start planning a trip to Spain.

Editorial & Managerial Staff


Monica Acosta (2019)
Design Editor




Lily Comba (2016)
Business Manager

With over five years of journalism experience, Lily began working for The Scripps Voice as Design Editor her first semester at Scripps in 2012. Since attending Scripps, her passion for design has expanded into advertising, making her current position as Business Manager the perfect fit. When she's not balancing budgets while soaking up her beloved SoCal sun (she's a native Claremontier, born and raised only seven minutes from campus), Lily can be found gawking over anything having to do with cats, painting her nails, or reading the next best novel.

jocelyn D. gardner (2017)

While it has not always been the most central facet of her life, Jocelyn is very committed to raising awareness of and being an advocate for social justice issues, specifically relating to mental health, an issue she believes is dangerously misunderstood and overlooked. She is a dual Art and Philosophy major from central New Jersey. She plays guitar and bass, writing her own music. The rest of her time outside class is spent on art (mostly drawing and painting), working at The LASPA Center and  doing research relating to mental health. 

Jocelyn is also the Mental Health Columnist for the Voice.


Abbey Gilcrest (2019)
Design Editor

Abbey took her first Graphic Design course in high school and fell in love with design editing. She is new to both the campus and the newspaper business, and is excited to finally begin pursuing her journalistic dreams in a college setting. When she isn't working on layouts, she's studying; when she's not studying, she's playing trombone in the Jazz Band and Orchestra; when she isn't playing, she's working at the Denison Library; when she isn't doing any of those things, she, theoretically, eats and sleeps. Her major is currently undecided, but she hopes to study English, FGSS, and (ideally) the history of Middle Earth. 

Jenny Lee (HMC 2019)
Design Editor

Though she's had four years of designing for her high school magazine, Jenny is at heart a math and science loving nerd. She is an adventure-seeking that is interested and excited to do pretty much everything from drawing to singing to skateboarding around Mudd. You can find her work on the center Spotlight spreads for each issue.


Rachel Miller-Haughton (2017)
Copy Editor

Rachel is new to journalism but has always enjoyed pointing out other people's mistakes. This English major from San Diego is thrilled to continue doing so with The Scripps Voice as copy editor. She enjoys writing short stories and poems and has been published in an anthology of young poets. Rachel reads nonstop, and likes it best when she can eat Thai food at the same time.




Ali Bush (2019)
film columnist

Ali Bush is from Memphis, TN where was she was raised on cheesy Elvis movies, Scorsese films, and the Delta Blues. She has written for a local feminist blog, but this is her first time as a permanent member of a newspaper staff. She plans on majoring in Art History or Media Studies. When she’s not watching films or writing about them, she is playing guitar, traveling with her family, and FaceTiming her dog.

Natalie Camrud (2017) 
Fashion Columnist

Natalie hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She was the Editor In Chief of her high school newspaper and won awards for creative writing. An Environmental Analysis major, her passion for the environment comes in many forms; she is a member of Scripps Climate Justice and forces her friends to bring reusable shopping bags on Trader Joes runs. In her spare time, Natalie likes snuggling puppies and kittens at the local animal shelter and eating at every taco-themed meal at the 5C's. 

Maureen Cowhey (2019)
Staff Writer





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Sophie comes from Missoula, Montana. She enjoys books, film, and traveling. While she has never written for a newspaper before, she has been a book and pop culture blogger for the past three and a half years (culturefancy.com). At Scripps she is pursuing an English major and a French minor. 


Kandace Fung (CMC 2019)
Staff Writer





Taylor Galla (2018)
opinion Poll columnist

Hello! My name is Taylor Galla. I haven’t officially declared a major, but I am very interested in the Humanities major with a possible concentration in sociology. I love journalism and editorial work. I am currently launching a Scripps College Branch of Change Magazine- an online news publication run entirely by college students all over the country. I also love yoga, Swedish fish and Friends re-runs. I am a feminist as well as a lover of fish tacos. Thanks for reading the Scripps Voice!

Fashion Columnist

Diva was born and raised in New York City but has a true Californian spirit. She is majoring in Media Studies with a focus in digital design. Off campus, Diva enjoys spending her time doing pilates, grocery shopping, and watching old television shows from the 90s. She is currently on Season 4 of Dawson’s Creek. 


Coming from the small city of Covina, California, Evelyn has always dreamed of being a part of the journalism community. This is her first year working as a columnist and she’s eager to learn her way around both writing and publishing. When Evelyn is not busy looking for new ways to crush the Patriarchy she enjoys reading fiction, watching foreign films, and learning how to speak Italian. She’s excited to be a part of the team.


Joelle Leib (2017)
Staff Writer





Kaya Mark (2019)
Staff WRiter




erin matheson (2018)
Science Columnist

Born and raised in Golden, Co., Erin is very excited to come to California. After four years of high school journalism, she is ready to tackle the challenge of being on the Scripps Voice. Erin is interested in studying biochemistry on the Pre-Med track and loves to explore the outdoors.


Sasha Rivera (2019)
Staff Writer





Sydney Sibelius (2018)
Staff Writer

Sydney hails from Denver, CO. She wrote for her high school newspaper for four years and has since been pursuing an interest in journalism. Sydney has been a writer, an editor, a designer, and a photographer, and enjoys all aspects of journalism. She loves languages, loves to travel, and enjoys the warm SoCal weather.


talia speaker (2018)
Staff Writer

Talia has loved writing in all forms for as long as she can remember. Co founder, writer and editor of her high school's newspaper and long-time participant in the yearbook and creative writing programs, she is excited to continue her work with The Scripps Voice. A Santa Cruz, Calif. native, Talia loves (and misses) all things beach and ocean related, as well as music, dancing, volleyball and animals.

Isobel Whitcomb (2017)
Environmental Columnist

Isobel Whitcomb grew up in the small town of Ashland, Oregon (no, it is nowhere near Portland), surrounded by mountains, forest, grassland, and lakes. As soon as she could walk, Her parents would drag her out on hikes and backpacking trips against her will. Luckily, it wasn't too long before she developed her own appreciation for natural beauty and the environment. Today her passions include environmental activism, creative writing, working with young children and trail running in the mountains   around Claremont, Calif. and Ashland, Ore.


Abigail Metsch (2018)





Caroline Nelson (2016)






Lily Yang (2018)
Vlog Director

Lily, born in California and raised in Taipei, is extremely passionate about connecting with others and bonding over common/uncommon interests. besides creating videos, and making arts and crafts, Lily loves to write letters to family and friends around the world. A psychology major with a double minor in Asian American studies and Art, she is intrigued by the effect of culture on our mindset and personalities. She hopes that the Scripps Voice Vlog can connect different individuals on campus and develop a greater sense of community.








Jessica Eu (2019)










Anita Ho (2019)





Annalise Ko (2018)





Jessica Padover (2018)





Layne Wells (2019)