Mental Health: Setting Up for Success this Semester

First, a student should think about this pace: it is easy to fall into a rhythm, and this rhythm is not always the correct one.

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Monsour Expands Services

Somewhere within last week’s barrage of Student-L emails, I noticed the subject line “Expanded Services at Monsour.” While this doesn’t seem monumental (especially since students have wanted more services for a long time), I was impressed at the changes described in this email, particularly at those concerning the crisis line.

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On Arguments against Trigger Warnings

Say someone throws a brick at your head out of nowhere. How would this person justify not warning you? “The real world doesn’t warn you about flying bricks!” “A brick will fly at you sooner or later,” “Don’t be so sensitive!” “Not throwing bricks at people limits my freedom of expression,” “Just don’t go outside if you don’t want to experience the brick!”

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