Pride & Prejudice & Condoms

Thus begins the story of the Bennet sisters as they embark on a new semester at Scripps College.

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Beyond the Bases: Pleasure Heteronormativity & the "Real Sex"

Because if it’s consensual and enjoyable, then why doesn’t it “count” as “real” sex?

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"What Does 'Hookup' Even Mean???"

I have more. But I’ll save them so I have something to talk about on the weekends with drunk people who probably don’t care.
Okay you’re turn. Ask any question. Just don’t use a winky face.

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“I SHAVED MY LEGS FOR THIS!” (Another Article about College Hook Up Culture)

At this point, engaging with the phrase “hookup culture” at all makes me feel like, at best, an ancient professor or a frantic journalist at a parenting magazine

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Political Analyst Zerlina Maxwell Brings Rape Culture Conversation to the Claremont Colleges

In her talk “From Catcalling to Sexual Assault: How We Can All Work to End Gender-Based Violence” at CMC’s Athenaeum on Thursday Feb. 26, political analyst, speaker and writer Zerlina Maxwell outlined exactly what rape culture means and, more specifically, what we can do to counteract it.

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