To the Scripps College community:
On February 16, a group of concerned students representing multiple CLORGs on campus came together to form the Scripps Coalition Against More in reaction to President Lori Bettison-Varga’s decision to re-start the search for the LASPA Founding Director. The LASPA Center is the priority project in the We Want More campaign, and LBV’s rejection of Margaret Okazawa-Rey was a rejection not only of an outstanding candidate for Founding Director, but of the values of social justice and community voice that Dr. Okazawa-Rey embodied in her work. The decision discarded months of work by students, faculty, staff, and alumae who overwhelmingly advocated for her inauguration, in effect silencing the Scripps community that the LASPA Center and the We Want More campaign is supposed to serve. As students at Scripps, we are taught to think critically. Thus, we are forced to question who this campaign is truly serving, and what kind of vision LBV and the administration have for both the LASPA Center and the future of Scripps College. Signed, The Scripps Coalition Against More FMI, or to voice your concerns: and