Where are you from? I’m from a tiny hick town in northern San Diego County.
Major: I’m a self-designed Public Health and Society major, with a focus on women’s and sexual health.
What’s your favorite thing about your major? My favorite thing about my major is the conversations I get to have with other students about sex and sexuality. I love that moment when they learn something new or feel validated, and I usually get to learn something new from them too.
What is your dream job? Why? My dream job would be to own a feminist sex shop/coffee shop. There will be vibrators and lattes galore and a lot of kickass discussions about how to have good and safe sex. I’m still working on the name — hit me up if you have any suggestions.
Who is the most influential person in your life and why? She doesn’t really count as a person, but my dog Kahlua is my rock. She’s a white Labrador who’s my best friend and #1 Little Spoon.
What will you look back on most fondly about your time at Scripps after graduation? It’s hard to answer this because I’m here right now trying to make the most of it, but I think what’ll be the most meaningful is all of the little (and big) moments that I’ve shared with the people that I love.
What was your favorite or most formative class? And you work for Health Education Outreach (HEO). Can you tell me a bit about that?
One of the classes I’ve taken that I value the most is “HIV/AIDS: Science, Society, and Service” with Professor Karl Haushalter at Harvey Mudd. It combined so many disciplines together into a learning environment that taught me about HIV/AIDS, systemic inequalities, healing, healthcare, and my own role in social justice work. It was such a cool experience and I recommend it to anyone that’s willing to put in the time and effort.
As for HEO, it’s been one of the most (if not the most) important experience that I’ve had here at Scripps. Through my role as a Peer Health Educator I discovered my passion for sex education and women’s health. I’ve become a total nerd about sex and sexuality because of the education we do at HEO, and I love it. I also know more about condoms than I ever, ever thought I would.
What advice do you have for current and future Scripps students? Get out of your room. Don’t worry if you don’t get the reading done. Create the community that you’d like to see. Trust yourself. Breathe.