The Scripps Voice is excited to announce that we will be the first Claremont publication to incorporate video blogs (“vlogs”) and broadcast news into our regular content in print and online.
Led by our new video producer, Laurel Schwartz ‘15, we will feature regular vlog contributors and coverage of other news events. We are currently searching for regular vloggers and anyone interested in working with us on this new endeavor are welcome to apply. Application information can be found on our website.
We are also thrilled to announce that we will be submitting our publication to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for the upcoming school year. Submitting to CSPA will will solidify Scripps’ reputation as a competitive liberal arts college, and will showcase the work of all The Scripps Voice’s writers, photographers, editors, managers, and, now, video producers on a national level. The submission deadline comes in the summer, so we will have updates on that front more next fall.
As always, we continue to recruit new writers and photographers. We are frequently asked if we accept guest columns or articles; we are always open to articles, columns, letters-to-the-editor, photos, and artwork from anyone in the Scripps community. While we do print anonymous pieces, we (the editors-in-chief) do need to know who the author is. We will keep anyone’s identity a secret in print, but the only way we can advocate for and stand behind our paper is if we can verify the content that goes into it. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.
We accept staff contributor (writer, photographer, vlogger, etc.) applications from all 5Cs.
As always, our website is, and we can be reached by email at .