Athlete profile: Rosie Kepple ‘18

At what at age did you begin golfing and why? 

Photo courtsey of Rosie Kepple ’18 

Photo courtsey of Rosie Kepple ’18 

I began golfing at thirteen because I had decided to quit soccer but wanted to continue to play a sport. I loved playing but wasn’t fast, and golf didn’t involve running. My dad got me started playing and we are still able to play a lot. 

What is it about golfing that you love? 

I like that it is, for the most part, an individual sport. I don’t have to depend on other people to be able to go out and play. That being said, I like being on a golf team because that means I get to golf with friends and have fun. In high school, for example, I was able to make a lot of friends outside of school that I am still able to see. I also find it very relaxing to just be outside and hit balls for a couple hours; it is definitely a stress reliever. 

Where do you hope golf will take you? 

I want to be playing for a long time. It helps relieve stress and take my mind off of things. I just want a lifelong activity that I can enjoy. 

What is your experience with golf before being on the CMS team? 

I was on my high school’s golf team before this one, at Walter Johnson High School in Maryland. I liked my high school team, but I’ve enjoyed CMS more. My high school team was co-ed, but I definitely enjoy being on a women’s team. I also worked at a course back home in Maryland. It was nice because it allowed me to play and practice all the time for free and meet a lot of new people. 

How have you liked the CMS team so far? 

I’ve been loving it. Our Fall season is kind of short, but I cannot wait for the Spring season to begin. Our head coach Jodi Burton is extremely nice, and has been really supportive. 

What advice do you have for students who want to play a sport? 

You might as well try it. It’s really fun to have a team that supports you. But make sure to balance sports and school work. I have to plan out my workout times and when I am going to practice and when I am going to do homework, just to make sure I get it all done. 

What is the coolest experience you’ve had while golfing? 

My uncle and aunt are members at Pinehurst Country Club, and my family goes down there and plays a couple times a year. That’s actually where they held the U.S. Open for men and women last year. We went and watched the Open over the summer; it was really hot but a lot of fun. I liked it because they were playing on a course that I knew — it was interesting to see how they transformed it for the Open.