Spotlight: STEM at Scripps

By Chloë Bazlen ‘18 and Natalie Camrud ‘17
Designed by Taylor Haas ‘18

Today STEM careers make up a huge portion of jobs that one can aspire to hold. Focused on the advancement of society through the means of science, technology, engineering and math, the STEM field is both rigorous and necessary. Unfortunately, STEM is understood to be a male-dominated industry, although the difference is more drastic in some subcategories of STEM than in others. For example, in 2011 women made up just 17 per cent of chemical engineers.
So, how does Scripps compare? As a women’s college, there is a particular interest in seeing our women in these industries. We did the numbers to give the most information possible on how many of our women graduate with a degree in a STEM field and what, more specifically, they are doing with those degrees.