Fashion Columnist Recommends Artsy, New Lifestyle Magazines

Despite the insistence that print is dying, the recent surge of ad-free minimalist lifestyle publications more akin to art than anything else has reaffirmed my belief that there will always be a space for publications (thank goodness).  There is a deliberate sense of cleanliness and appreciation for simplicity in all of these publications.  While they may be pricier than typical magazines, the ad-free approach, paper texture, and beautiful content makes supporting these artists and their approach to life push you to bring a little minimalist magic into your own life. 

With only three issues in print thus far, synonym is a bi-annual journal featuring ingenious page design—the photography within issues is stunning in its simplicity. As a journal that stresses moving away from clutter and towards intentionality, everything from its typeface to the white space of the poems embodies a chosen simplicity.  On a side note, the journal has featured succulents on its covers— I was sold on that alone.

Cereal is a quarterly mag about travel and lifestyle.  Its most recent issue featured a story on a private history of honey alongside photography of the geometrical heaven of dripping honeycombs. With photo stories in the loveliest array of destinations, Cereal encourages a serious case of wanderlust. My sole complaint is that I wish it were easier to get this British mag here in the States. 

I clearly remember the issue I first fell in love with; it was called “Kings & Queens: The Art of Bed Making”—a whimsical photo story featuring sculptures made out of bed-sheets and the like.  It was soon after that I flipped to “The Art of Daytime Drinking.” Based in Portland, Kinfolk is also a quarterly magazine that stresses small gatherings and conceiving new things to make and do. Kinfolk inspires good weekends.