reservations for COLLAB: Alexander Wang x h&M

As a skeptic when it comes to mass corporation and designer collaborations, I don’t know exactly how I feel about the upcoming Alexander Wang x H&M that was announced at Coachella, to be in-stores November 6 next fall.  Known for his minimalism and attention to monochrome staples, it is questionable whether Wang’s details, quality, and construction will translate seamlessly into products on a mass-produced and more affordable level.  
With previous collaborations including Marni, Isabel Marant (one of my personal faves from the past), and Versace, to name a few, the Swedish fashion house has racked up an impressive line-up.  The issue that still stands with me is the overhype of such collections, and that while these collections are about making designer items accessible to the “average” consumer, they sell out within the first week and are marked up on eBay until they cost just as much as or more than the original designer items.  The exclusivity of such collections also requires that shoppers pay more than they usually would.  This elitist retail outlook is something that deters me from being a fan of such collaborations.
Yet despite all these reservations, I trust the man, and have been a fan of probably every single piece that has been made under his name, so I’ll keep quiet until I see the collection.