Peer Health Educators' Recommendations: Amazing Outdoor Activities

As the weather cools down, many people choose to take their workouts and activities outside—and there are endless options for all activities and abilities. We’ve highlighted some of the best, whether you want to stay local or go farther away. After engaging in any physical activity, it’s important to refuel and replenish your energy stores. To that end, we’ve picked some of our favorite snacks  to eat during or after your adventure.

The Claremont 5-mile Loop:

Claremont 5 mi Loop. Courtesy of

Claremont 5 mi Loop. Courtesy of

Located at the top of Mills Avenue, this loop is a great place for a nice hike. While the initial inclines are a bit steep, it quickly becomes more manageable. To slay your quadriceps muscles, try biking up Mills to reach the hills. Going down on the way back has never felt so good. While the loop is beautiful, it’s in direct sun almost the entire time, so make sure to bring a hat, cover yourself in sunscreen and hydrate like nobody’s business.

Food suggestion: Bring a Lärabar from the Motley to eat on the trail itself (it’s long and you’ll be working the whole time!) and then stop at Euro Cafe on the way back down for brunch or smoothies.

Tiernan Field House Pool and First Floor Balcony

Perfect for lap swimming, meditating, a serene yoga landscape, pool running (jogging in the pool with a flotation device- great cross training for runners, those interested in starting to run, or for low-impact activity!) or just a place to read, the TFH pool is classically Scripps. Masters Swim classes are held on Monday and Wednesday at 8 a.m. for intermediate to advanced swimmers, and Friday at 8 a.m. for beginner to early intermediate. Pool running is another great low-impact activity, and you can find flotation belts—along with pull buoys and kick boards—in the baskets along the wall. Alternatively, lay on a lounger and enjoy the sun with some homework. It’s so much better when done in fresh air.

Food suggestion: A smoothie from the Motley, or some fruit picked up at the Claremont Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

Paddle Boarding and Boating in Marina del Rey

Heading into the Marina opens up the world of water sports to you. Canoe, kayak and stand-up paddle boarding places abound, and there are usually a good amount of Groupon or LivingSocial deals for these places. Grab a group of friends and try a new-to-you sport. It’s all about trying new things! If you’re feeling really adventurous, sign up for a stand up paddleboard yoga class; extra stability is required to do the moves on the board, so it’ll work all of your muscles.

Food suggestion: This is definitely a day trip, so why not try one of L.A.’s awesome eateries for lunch? Urth Caffé is always a good bet.

Camping in Joshua Tree State Park

If you have a weekend free, or are staying at school over one of the breaks, borrow some gear from O.W.L. (Outdoor Women Leaders, based at Scripps) or the O.E.C. (Outdoor Education Center, based at Pomona) and head east to JTree. You can sleep under the stars and go rock climbing or go on nature walks during the day.

Food suggestion: S’mores.

Whatever you chose to do, heading out on an outdoor adventure is sure to show you new parts of Claremont and the surrounding L.A. area. Taking a fitness routine outside also provides a mental break, as it is time spent away from looking at screens and other technology. While it is sometimes hard to leave Claremont, getting away even just once a semester can be a worthwhile and interesting experience.