Gearing up for Winter

By Natalie Camrud ‘17 & Diva Gattani ‘17
Fashion Columnists

Winter is coming, and while it might not be as cold as Winterfell, shorts and skirts will no longer cut it. But don’t worry, sixty degrees can be a lovely temperature if you know how to dress for it. I will now divulge my favorite winter clothing combinations, from your head to your feet!

Let’s start with shoes. Birkenstocks and socks are great, but sometimes you have to give in and actually wear closed-toe shoes. Dansko clogs, the winter Birkenstock, are a winter essential for many students on campus. They are warm, extremely comfortable and waterproof (gotta prep for El Niño). The easy-access design are what made them a favorite of mine. You can slip into them quickly when you’ve shut off your alarm a million times and then have to run to your class.

Okay, next up is overalls. I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I own a pair of those with Mickey Mouse on them when I was six? Yes, you probably did, but overalls aren’t just for children. Many brands, such as AG Adriano Goldschmied, Topshop, Madewell and Paige, are bringing back overalls this season and for good reason. Overalls are great for staying warm when you’re on the go, and are quite versatile. They can be paired with a myriad of garments. For example, if you’re like me and you’re always cold, try layering a turtleneck underneath for extra warmth.
Another winter essential is jackets.

This seems like an obvious option, but many people (myself included) neglected to pack a jacket in August because it was 100 degrees and they couldn’t imagine a future in which Claremont would ever be cold. If you don’t already have one on campus, be sure to bring one back if you’re going home for Thanksgiving. Whether you choose denim or wool or leather, etc., the options are endless. It’s always fun to go find a large, cozy, vintage one at a thrift shop; my most prized possession is my purple suede bomber jacket, complete with shoulder pads, that I discovered for $1 at a thrift store at home. Wrapping a large blanket around yourself is also a fine substitute.

And finally, hats! I feel that a warm, woven beanie is such a cozy winter essential. Your head stays warm and you can cover your hair, since it’s now become way too cold to shower. The sun is setting at 4:30, y’all, you deserve to have a nice, warm scalp.
Now that it’s finally cold, head to the Motley in your glorious clogs, grab a Bowl of Soul and hunker down in your jacket of choice until winter break arrives.