Athlete Profile: Erin Matheson '18

By Kaya Mark '18
Staff Writer

Major:  Biochemistry
Hometown: Golden, CO

Photos courtesy of Erin Matheson ‘18

Photos courtesy of Erin Matheson ‘18

THE SCRIPPS VOICE: When did you first start playing soccer?

ERIN MATHESON: I have played soccer since I was five years old.

TSV: Why did you decide to join the Claremont FC Women’s Soccer Club?

EM: I joined this year because I missed soccer and being on a team while in college.

TSV: What’s your position?

EM: I either play center defense or outside midfield!

TSV: What is your favorite soccer-related memory?

EM: I traveled to Munich and Copenhagen with my soccer team in 8th grade to play in a tournament.  We got second place and were able to tour around Germany and Denmark.

TSV: Tell me a bit about your captains.

EM: We have two captains, both Scripps juniors [Ella Kim ’17 and Hannah Huston ‘17] who are very committed to making our team a cohesive unit recognized by the administration.  

TSV: Do you get along with your teammates? Is there any sort of team bonding that you do?

EM: The team is great!  We have representation from all 5Cs and eat dinners after practice and games together.

TSV: Do you have any pre-game rituals or anything you do for luck?

EM: Personally no; I just like a good old-fashioned jog, stretch, and touches!

TSV: What does a typical practice look like?

EM: A typical practice consists of warm-up, passing drills, small sided scrimmage and then open it up to large scrimmage.

TSV: What was the most eventful game this year? What happened?

EM: Up until last weekend we were undefeated!  We lost to University of San Diego.  We will be back on track with our game this weekend, though!

TSV: If people want to get involved with the club team, what do you recommend they do?  

EM: Come to one of the practices!  We are very welcoming and in the spring there will be open tryouts for more people who are interested.