Remembering Morgan Malkovich

By Evelyn Gonzalez '18
Feminism Columnist

Photo courtesy of Laurna Malkovich

Photo courtesy of Laurna Malkovich

On Friday, Nov. 6 at 4:00 pm, students, staff and faculty gathered in the Margaret Fowler Garden to celebrate the life of Morgan Malkovich ‘18. In order to honor Morgan’s Hawaiian identity, the garden was embellished with pink flowers which lined the walkways and elegant white chairs that faced a screen which presented photographs of Morgan with her family. A table was set up with pens that displayed Morgan’s name and note cards on which to send well wishes for both Morgan and her family.

Individuals from the Scripps community stepped forward to share their sentiments and reminisce about the wonderful memories they had created with Morgan.

Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez, who worked closely with Morgan, shared that “While her stay here was short--her impact was tremendous. Morgan was a giver and perhaps the greatest gift she gave to Scripps was the grace of her spirit. She had an infectious kindness that filled a room with warmth. Her smile imprinted in the hearts of those that had the pleasure of knowing her. Most significantly, Morgan approached the world with understanding and empathy and in the most subtle way challenged us to critically think about our engagement in the world around us. She was a quiet force of good-will to be reckoned with and I am thankful for the many ways that she reminded me to engage in each moment in life to the fullest with compassion and grace.”

Near the end of the ceremony, De La Torre-Iniquez gave Morgan’s family ti leaf leis on behalf of the Scripps community. These leis symbolize admiration, appreciation and respect. In order to forever tie Morgan to the Scripps community, these leis were draped into the fountain in Margaret Fowler. As the leis were placed in the water, they intertwined with one another to form a heart, a beautiful symbol of Morgan’s presence.

Many students had shared classrooms, knowledge, laughter and friendship with Morgan during her time at Scripps and shared memories that displayed Morgan’s best qualities, that of warmth, intelligence and kindness.

Helen Thomason ‘18 shared the impact that Morgan had on her: “Morgan’s smile shared with us will not be forgotten. I am grateful to say that knowing Morgan changes the way I will go through this time at Scripps. I will carry Morgan’s memory with me through those Denison doors at graduation and into the rest of my life.”  

Morgan was and forever will be a part of the Scripps community, and for that we are entirely grateful.