1 in 950: Abigail Daum '17

Name: Abigail Daum '17

Majors: Psychology and French

Hometown: Chicago, IL

 The Scripps Voice: What activities are you involved in at Scripps?

Abigail Daum: I take piano lessons, I am in the chamber choir, and I am on the leadership board for the 5C Mental Health Alliance. The Mental Health Alliance is a club designed to challenge and combat the stigma surrounding mental health on campus and within the greater community. We also hope to raise awareness about these issues that affect more of the student body than we may realize. We do this by putting on various events throughout the semester. A lot of events happened in March for Mental Health Alliance Month. Recently we had a student panel discussing eating disorders. Several guest speakers, including faculty members, discussed various myths about mental health. We also had a poetry slam event where students could share their poetry about mental health.

TSV: What do you think is the biggest myth surrounding mental health?

AD: I think one of the biggest myths the media portrays about mental health is that mental illness leads to violence. This is uncommon and usually blown out of proportion.

 TSV: What has been your favorite class so far at Scripps?

AD: I loved Abnormal Psychology with Judith LeMaster because the class was really in-depth and [she] was very engaging and could provide current examples from her private practice and the media.

 TSV: What do you miss most about home?

AD: Sometimes I miss the atmosphere of a big city. Claremont is very cute and has a great small-town community, but I do miss public transportation and skyscrapers.

 TSV: What inspired you to choose Scripps?

AD: I think the thing that made me choose Scripps was the student body. When I visited, the current students were so interesting and unique and I hoped to become like them someday. I also loved the feel of the campus and could definitely picture myself here.

 TSV: I heard you are studying abroad next year. Where are you planning to go?

AD: Next year I am going to Nantes in France with the IES program. I chose this program because I knew I wanted to go to France but I wanted to experience a slightly smaller city than Paris and live with a host family. It’s classified as a hybrid program, meaning it’s part university-based and part community-based. I am very excited to live with a host family. I think it is an invaluable experience when practicing a language and understanding a culture. I hope I will be able to immerse myself in a completely new way of living and environment.

TSV: What is your favorite Motley drink?

AD: I love getting Tea Au Lait with Masala Chai Tea!

 TSV: What are your plans for this summer?

AD: This summer I will be a camp counselor at a summer camp for children and adults with special needs. I used the Scripps alumnae network to contact clinical psychologists to ask them about their career paths and if they had any suggestions for a summer undergraduate position in the field. One of them recommended this program to me and I am so excited for this opportunity.

 TSV: Favorite TV shows?

AD: It would be a tie between House and 30 Rock. I’m also really happy that Friends is now on Netflix.

TSV: What’s your most memorable experience here so far?

AD: There have been too many to count. I think just hanging out with friends and going to  event on campus together.

TSV: Where is your favorite place on campus?

AD: My favorite place on campus is right outside of Denison Library. I sit at the tables there and either do homework or just enjoy a drink from the Motley.

TSV: What advice do you have for current and/or future Scripps students?

AD: I would advise students to attend as many on campus events as possible because the events I have gone to on campus have really been eye opening. Most recently I went to a Neuroscience talk on the healing power of music. Often students say they are too busy to attend these on campus events but I believe that they are really valuable.