Summer Styles

By Natalie Camrud '17
Fashion Columnist

It’s the last issue of the semester, and we’re all slammed with finals, but it’s too hot to wear your sweatpants to the library, so we have to settle for Brandy Melville. I like wearing clothes with cutouts during this weather, which provides a nice cross breeze on my sweaty body. It’s so tempting to pretend like it’s Pirate Party and sit in the CMC fountains all day (they’re chlorinated for a reason, people!), but alas, we cannot; our futures depend on it. I’m all about loose clothing during the summer; throw on a chambray shirt and some loose khaki pants and you’ll still look sharp while allowing for some nice ventilation. Good luck with finals, everyone, and hopefully we won’t have to sleep in the Field House because of the heat this time!


Look 1:

Name: Liza Epprecht ‘18
Outfit: Liza looks like a breath of Cape Cod-esque air, with a vintage striped shirt and black shorts.
Inspiration: “It’s very hot out lately and I decided I wanted to wear a simple, sleeveless shirt. It’s vintage, or just some hand-me-down from my mom I think!”






Look 2:

Name: Abi MacCumber ‘17
Outfit: Abi channels Mondrian with a white dress and red platform sandals for a pop of color.
Favorite Item: Her shoes. “They are plastic and are also scented... I like that they’re platforms because I’m pretty short, and they’re super comfortable. One time my freshmen year I walked a mile to an off-campus Pitzer party in these shoes, so there’s a lot of great memories associated with them.”