Dear First Years... With Love, A Sophomore

By Kaya Mark '18
Staff Writer

Dear First Years,

Welcome to college life, and, more importantly, Scripps life! Right now, college may seem like a prime time to attend every 5C party,  enjoy foods that your parents never let you have, and enjoy the freedom that comes with living away from home, but you’ll soon realize there is more that Scripps can offer you. Here are five pieces advice I have to offer.
1. Don’t stress. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of things happening on campus, let alone the other four campuses. You don’t need to attend every party or every club meeting that happens. You have FOUR whole years to explore sunny Claremont. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t commit to attending every event on campus…

2. Get Involved. There are so many incredible opportunities on campus: Scripps CLORGS, 5C clubs and organizations, sports teams, work-study jobs, and internships. If you already have a crazy schedule, don’t bite off more than you can chew! Committing to one activity is perfectly fine; in fact, many students don’t really join many extracurriculars until their sophomore years. But if you have the flexibility, take advantage of it!

3. Work hard. Try your best to attend all of your classes, do the readings (yes, even that 80 page text by Angela Davis), and speak up during class. After all, you’re spending thousands of dollars to be here; make it worth it! That being said, college is difficult. Reading Foucault while simultaneously juggling a Spanish essay, solving five-dozen math problems, and writing a précis for Writing 50 can be fairly stressful. Take a moment to breathe, take a nap, do some yoga in the Tiernan Field House, or even just talk it out with a peer mentor.

4. Lean on Others. One of the best parts of Scripps is its supportive, close-knit community. If you’re struggling with that bio homework, meet with your professor or find a tutor through Scripps’ tutoring program (P.S. it’s free!). If you want advice on a Core essay, go to the Writing Center to talk it out. Reach out to RAs and peer mentors, or even just a random upperclassman. Chances are, they’d be happy to help you out!

5. Pursue your Passions. College is the first time that you really get to explore your interests—academic or otherwise. Take that ceramics class you always wished you had in high school. Take advantage of the fact that we are in California and have the option of taking a surfing class. Go into downtown LA to watch a dance performance or go skiing in Mount Baldy (when there’s snow, of course!). It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do long-term. You have the freedom to explore, so explore away!
With love,
Kaya Mark ‘18