Athlete Profile: Maddie Peterson

By Ali Bush '19
Staff Writer

First-year Maddie Peterson plays defense for the CMS soccer team. Photo courtesy of Maddie Peterson ‘19

First-year Maddie Peterson plays defense for the CMS soccer team.
Photo courtesy of Maddie Peterson ‘19

Maddie Peterson ‘19 has joined the soccer team this year playing defense. After playing soccer for 11 years in her hometown of Salt Lake City, UT, she’s bringing her skills to the CMS team. Although the season has just begun, the team has already earned a victory against Washington University of St. Louis. The team has plans to play schools from all over the country, and Maddie was excited to share the team’s plans and her experience with the team so far.

TSV: How did you start playing soccer?

MP: I played with my friends on a recreational team when I was really little, and then I moved onto competition soccer when I was about nine or ten. Then I tried out for my high school soccer team.

TSV: Did you know you wanted to play soccer in college?

MP: Yes!

TSV: Why did you decide to play soccer at Scripps?

MP: I went to a soccer camp that all 5Cs participated in, and I really liked Carrie, our coach, so that was important to me. I also really liked the chemistry among the [members of the] CMS team. And being in Division III, I knew could do everything: focus on academics, join clubs, and play my sport. A lot of my friends who play Division I soccer don’t get to do that. So it’s nice that I can let academics come first.

TSV: How has playing soccer affected your transition into college?

MP: I’m really, really happy that I’ve had the soccer team to help me make friends and meet upperclassmen. It’s been a really great community. Upperclassmen on the team are really nice and have been through being a first-year, so they’re really helpful. It’s like another family. They help you out, and you can go to dinner with them. Being a part of the team has been my favorite part of college so far.

TSV: Are there any opportunities to travel?

MP: Our farthest game is going to be two hours away. This weekend we’re going to play up in Santa Barbara, so that will be nice. But mostly, all the far away teams come to play us this season.

TSV: Do you have a team you are most excited to play with?

MP: Pomona-Pitzer! I know that it will be a huge game. We play them twice, so we have to win both games. No ties!

TSV: What is your favorite part of playing soccer?

MP: Warming up is actually really fun. Everyone is focused, but we love to joke around. There’s a lot of comradery on this team!