Surf ‘n Turf: A 5C Club Extravaganza

By Kaya Mark ‘18
Staff Writer

Interested in getting involved on campus? Whether you want to join 5CDC (5C Dance Company), volunteer to work with cute animals (5C Animal Shelter Volunteer Group), or join the fight for fossil fuel divestment (5C Climate Justice Club), Turf Dinner is a great opportunity to find out more information about 5C clubs and organizations. On Sept. 16 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., all dining halls will close for the annual event and join together to serve a variety of delicious foods. Over 160 5C groups will assemble on CMC’s Parents Field with the hope of enticing students to their organization or club, each having table space to stack informational fliers and sign-up sheets. If you want a heads up on some of the groups that will be attending, check out the LASPA Leadership Opportunities Guide, a handbook created to help people find opportunities to get involved with clubs within specific themes, ranging from social justice to tutoring and education.

Turf Dinner began in the 1990s and has been extremely successful in the past, gathering over 3,000 attendees each time. Lindsey Aronson ‘18 enthusiastically remembers last year’s Turf Dinner as being a memorable experience: “It was exciting to learn about all of the resources the schools have to offer! Plus, great food!”

Smith Campus Center and Student Programs Director Ella “Ellie” Ash-Balá states, “The event is the only time all year when all of the 5Cs gather for a meal. So it’s pretty special in that regard. It is also the only time all year when student organizations gather together to recruit new members and especially showcase themselves to first-year students.” So if you aren’t coming to check out cool clubs, come for the food!