Athlete Profile: Ella Kim '17

By Natalie Camrud ‘17
Fashion Columnist

Photos courtesy of Ella Kim '17

Photos courtesy of Ella Kim '17

THE SCRIPPS VOICE: What sport do you play?

ELLA KIM: I am the president and captain of Claremont FC, the 5C Women’s club soccer team.

TSV: How long have you been playing? Have you done any other sports/do you play any others now?

EK: I have been playing soccer since I was six years old.

TSV: If you could do any other sport perfectly, what would you choose?

EK: I would want to be really good at speed skating.  I am a big fan of frozo.   

TSV: How has being on a sports team influenced your experience at Scripps?

EK: When I first arrived at Scripps, we didn’t have a club soccer team.  During my freshman year I really missed playing soccer and being a part of a team.  Sarah Berschinski ‘17 and I decided that we wanted to start a women’s club soccer team, because there was a lot of interest across the 5Cs.  Getting the team officially recognized was very political and difficult, but it was well worth it.  I am proud of how far the team has come and what we have accomplished.  I am also so happy to be playing again and I really love all of the women on the team.

TSV: Do you have a favorite memory with your team?

EK: Last semester we had an away game in LA, which we unfortunately lost.  But afterwards, on the drive home, we pulled over on the side of the road, and we all ran out of the car screaming on the top of our lungs and jumped into the ocean.  At that point, no one really cared that we had lost, we were just happy to be spending time together.

TSV: Do you have any advice to other students considering joining a sports team?

EK: If you are interested in joining CFC, come out and practice with us.  We are very welcoming and will take on new players in the fall!