Raising Necklines & lowering Hemlines

By Stephanie Huang ‘16
Fashion Columnist

Though this particular runway trend has not necessarily trickled down to chain-stores such as Forever 21 and the like, the onset of rising necklines and lowering hemlines has pervaded the fashion industry with a steady presence, invading the closets of bloggers, editors, models, and designers alike.  So, here we are, saying hello to patent leather midi skirts and neoprene structured turtlenecks.  
I understand that there is a certain initial confusion regarding these new silhouettes, causing some to question the appeal in clothing items that do not necessarily flatter one’s figure.  Why, some of my friends ask, would any woman want to bisect her calves at their widest, or look essentially neckless?  While these are all very valid questions, with tact and balance in proportion, these new lengths and shapes are undeniably refreshing, intriguing, and surprisingly, flattering,
Pairing midi skirts with crop tops or turtlenecks with mini skirts make for dynamic duos that reveal tasteful and artful proportions, reflecting an attention to dressing as an art rather than merely as a way to accentuate one’s assets.  
While at first look these changing necklines and hemlines seem to be a step towards a more conservative taste, the fact that these silhouettes have been completely reinvented in new fabrics and new shapes for the 21st century establishes that they are completely modern, especially when paired with separates that balance out proportions.   
For once, I hope this is a trend that does become mass-produced, because it would indicate an increased interest in fashion as art rather than clothes as consumption — a difference that many continually make the mistake of confusing.