Psi Chi & mental health awareness on campus

By Christina Whalen ‘15
Psi Chi Chapter President

When it comes to psychology and mental-health-related subjects, Scripps Psi Chi presents itself as a source of support for those who are studying psychology at Scripps, have interest in topics of mental health and are seeking information about what resources exist on campus to support them mentally, emotionally and academically. While it has remained somewhat under the radar and academically focused in the past, the club is currently supporting new efforts on campus to foster discussion and awareness of mental health issues.
Psi Chi is the psychology club at Scripps. Lately it has held meetings focused on registration, research and internship opportunities on and around the 5Cs, the psychology faculty and bringing speakers to campus.
Psi Chi is also an official chapter of the international honors society by the same name, and thus functions as a means of acquiring lifetime access to the society’s plethora of networking and financial resources. (Note: official membership is neither required nor expected to attend Scripps Psi Chi meetings and events on campus; we love seeing new faces!)
Recently there has been a wave of discussion related to mental health awareness on campus. Many voices have called for better support, more active discussion, the reduction of stigma and the increase of understanding from the community. With so many stigmas and misinterpretations attached to certain diagnoses, it is crucial for us to seek out ways that we can better support those in our community who live each day managing mental states that have been labeled as different from the norm.
In response to these requests for action, Psi Chi is working in conjunction with Jocelyn Gardner, mental health columnist for The Scripps Voice, as well as some other individuals on campus to address these pressing issues.
Our hope is to find a means of encouraging discussion that could lead to a more inclusive community, better administrative policies regarding the handling of mental health issues, increased sensitivity towards the struggles of those who are managing mental illness on top of their academic and social lives and an increased sense of freedom for those who feel as though their diagnoses have to be covered up or compensated for.
With enough support and effort, we hope to see a healthier and more -supportive environment for the entire Scripps community come to fruition in the near future. Psi Chi holds general meetings in the GJW Living Room one Sunday a month at 7 p.m. E-mail us at the address listed below to receive club announcements and specific meeting dates.

For updates on our progress and more information about mental health, please visit Jocelyn Gardner's blog.

For any questions regarding mental health, the study of psychology, and/or Psi Chi, please contact .