The SAS Bimonthly

By Tori Sepand '15
Student Activities Chair

My name is Tori Sepand and I am your Student Activities Chair. I send out your weekly “Weekend’s Here…” and “SAS Snack” emails with all of the pertinent information you need to know about what is going on at Scripps and around the 5Cs.
As you all know, we recently moved to the Ventfull platform where you may post all of your own events, see the programming you care about and “upvote” the events you think are cool. I recently got some statistics that show how well Ventfull is working at the 5Cs. There are 728 users — half of whom are Scripps students (way to go, Scripps!), 202 events have been posted since school started and the most popular event is SAS Snack with 77 upvotes. I strongly encourage you all to continue using the site and adding your events! Ventfull allows you to have ownership over how and when you share events with your peers. Play around with it and let me know if you have feedback or if I can answer any question for you.
Switching gears a bit, I wanted to mention our next BeHeard forum since I think it is an important topic. On Oct. 28 the BeHeard forum will cover marginalization on campus. Marginalization and oppression occurs in varying forms on this campus and we want to hear how it might be affecting some students. As our community has discussed having an inclusive — transgender policy this past month, students continue to mention that we need to be looking at the topic through an intersectional lens. I think it is important that we center on marginalized experiences so that SAS and the Scripps staff can better serve our student body. Join the discussion even if you do not think you have anything to share. You might learn something.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and please reach out if you ever have any questions about event planning, advertising, or SAS in general.