Updates from the SAS Faculty Relations Chair

Max Greenberg '14
SAS Faculty Relations Chair

The SAS Faculty Staff Relations Chair’s job is to facilitate communication between the faculty, staff, and students on campus. I have been working hard this year to create better modes of direct communication, plan fun events, and bring students’ ideas and opinions to faculty and the administrations’ attention. I am always open to student, staff, and faculty ideas and input, so if you have something to say, let me know!  Here are some updates on what I’m doing this semester:
Last semester, I started the Cook with Malott series, where students got to learn how to cook fun dishes with Malott’s head chef, Garrick; he has been so helpful and generous with his time and resources. These cooking workshops are a fun way for students to interact with staff and learn a new skill. This semester we will have another session of Cook with Malott, so look out for it and sign up (it fills up fast)!
I am also working on having a BeHeard forum with faculty next month. The forum’s aim is to foster open dialogue between faculty and students in a casual, comfortable space. If you have any ideas for topics that you want to discuss with faculty, email me at
The Barbara and Scott Bice Faculty-Student Dialogue Fund is a fantastic resource for non-academic faculty-student interaction. If you want to have dinner, see a movie and discuss it, or go bowling with a professor, you can get funding to do it through this fund! Faculty and students can apply for extra-curricular events that foster conversation and relationships both academic and personal.
The deadline to apply is March 7 at 5 p.m. SAS has a card-writing station for Professor Chris Guzaitis, who resigned this semester, to thank her for her time at Scripps and all of the wonderful things she did for our community. She was extremely involved in clubs and organizations on campus, chaired the FGSS department, and was a mentor, advisor, and friend to so many students on campus. SAS is providing thank you cards in Seal Court for you to sign. However, if you missed your chance and would like to send her a card, picture, or video to her, feel free to send me an email at
There will be another faculty, staff, and student mixer this March in the Margaret Fowler garden, which is another great way to have conversations with faculty and staff in a more casual and comfortable setting.