KSPC Celebrates 60 Years of Entertaining

By Layne Wells '19
Staff Writer

Photos by Layne Wells '19

Photos by Layne Wells '19

Hidden away in the basement of Pomona’s Thatcher Music Building, KSPC radio is about to celebrate its 60th birthday. Older than Pitzer College itself, KSPC signed onto FM radio in Feb. 1956, becoming the only student-run station of The Claremont Colleges. It now broadcasts 24/7 from 88.7 FM and can be heard throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

KSPC, which held its first mixtape exchange of the year Wednesday, Sept. 23, told The Scripps Voice that they are excited for more exchanges and events to follow in the coming months. Current Scripps student Madeline Helland ‘18 is organizing a Scripps underground concert for Oct. 9 in the Margaret Fowler Garden.

FM 88.7’s 24-hour broadcast includes original music, PSAs, and newscasts. Interested Scripps students of all years can always get involved with things like CD reviews or guest DJ-ing. For volunteer information, contact Celia Eydeland, PO or stop into the station to fill out a volunteer form and snag some KSPC buttons (!). The station is typically open during weekday afternoons for business hours, but, because it is a 24-hour broadcast, there is always someone there to answer questions.

KSCP 5C events to look out for in the following month:
    – KSPC Homecoming Dance
    – Station “Sleepover”
    – Hardcore/Punk Show

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