Motley opens for 2014-2015 school year

By Evelyn Gonzalez ‘18
Feminism Columnist

On Thursday, Sept. 11, The Motley opened its doors to kick off its opening night with a tribute to the past. Festively-colored crepe paper covered the tabletops, confetti lined the floors and banners with pictures of favorite actors from the good-old days hung in the doorways. Consumers were encouraged to come sporting their best “throwback” attire; neck chokers were provided. Many students sat on the plush sofas, drinks in hand, engaged in idle chatter with friends. Meanwhile, others, encouraged by the animated music provided by Angeles Flight — an LA-based band that played at the coffeehouse months before — bobbed their heads to the contagious rhythm.

Students seemed overjoyed to see the return of what they described as the coolest hangout spot on campus. Haley Godtfredsen ‘16 said she “spen[ds] all her time between classes” there and finds it to be “a great study environment,” while others like Monika Lee ‘17 choose to “come [there] for the variety of drinks.” The consensus seemed to be that the atmosphere at the Motley is relaxing and inviting, regardless if you want to grab a drink or sit and work for a while.

Possibly even more excited than the students were the Motley’s managers and baristas. This year the barista team consists half of new hires — some of which are first years — meaning that most of the people working there are new to their positions this year. Becca Shope ‘16, Facilities and Flozec manager, said that she is “really grateful to be a part of a community of women that are incredible workers and that blow me away everyday with the fact that they can run this business.”

On that note, many Scripps students are excited to see what this season is going to bring for the Motley. Here’s to another year of delicious drinks and amazing, inspiring female-led student entrepreneurship on Scripps campus.