1 in 950: Emily Armstrong '17

From: Lexington, Kentucky
Major: Politics and International Relations

What do you do for fun at the Claremont Colleges?

I am part of an informal Kentucky mentoring program, also known as KMP. We do activities together such as Kentucky Thanksgiving, running, watching basketball and rapping. I also write for the Golden Antlers and am part of EDGI (Exploring Development and Global Inequality).

What is it like working for the Golden Antlers?

You get to meet some pretty wacky people and collaborate with them. It’s pretty exciting to see all these great ideas come together and come up with something pretty cool.

What did you do last summer?

I lived alone in my Grandma’s house.

That’s it?

Well I also interned at a think tank in Washington D.C. with the Women in Public Service Project. The initiative was to get more women to run for office. It was a great opportunity, and I largely have Scripps to thank for it because the initiative really wanted an intern from a women’s college. But living in my Grandma’s house allowed me to grow most as a person because by the end of the summer I felt like I was 80.

Word on the street is that you took a gap year. Tell me about it.

I spent three months in Indonesia and then the rest of the year I spent at home, where I worked at Billy’s Bar-B-Q and Fresh Market. At Billy’s, every employee had a foot long beard and I felt pressured to grow one. It was also great smelling like BBQ for nine months straight. I wanted to eat myself.

What did you do over winter break?

I went on a father-daughter bar crawl. It was a great bonding experience.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation because of his love for meat and woodworking. He’s also my spirit animal.

What is your favorite class so far this semester?

Political Economy of Development with Pierre Englebert at Pomona. It’s a really interesting class about understanding the foreign aid industry and making sense of the income and growth differences around the world. I would like to end up in a career in the development field.

What is your favorite Motley drink?

The ones at the end of the night that are free.