Mud is Love and Love is Mud: Interconnecting themes in Jeff Nichols’s “Mud”

Jeff Nichols’s “Mud” (2012) may as well be called “Love” for how interchangeably murky and ugly the film seems to present the two concepts.  It is so easy when it comes to love to be sloppily sentimental and trivial, as is evident by many a rom-com as well as by how dangerously close even this film gets to that.  And yet love remains one of our most powerful driving forces and precious aspirations as well as complicated and painful enigmas.  What makes “Mud” a perhaps more compelling account is that it is not a love story but rather a story about love in its various profound and less-than-pretty forms.  

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The First Year Experience: Investigating Scripps life at the ground level

Coming back from break is hard, but for some reason it wasn’t too bad this time. It could be that we finally have access to Pitzer brunch again, or maybe the freedom to leave on a weeknight without having to undergo a CIA-level investigation from our parents. It could be that we were all tired of sleeping in rooms by ourselves and eating homemade meals, though that seems unlikely. In my opinion, the best part of coming back is how everyone has reacted to the weather.

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Tips to Body Positivity: Loving Your Body

Feminism columnist Evelyn Gonzalez '18 discusses body positivity and offers tips for loving oneself.

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Spotlight: Demand for Computer Science Classes

Across the 5Cs, the growing popularity of Harvey Mudd College’s innovative and accessible computer science classes has lead to increased difficulty for students from schools that lack computer science programs to take the classes they need for their majors, minors and general interest in the subject. This is due to Mudd’s computer science department lacking the faculty and resources to teach all the classes that are needed with the onslaught of interest.

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Photo Gallery: 71st Scripps College Ceramics Annual

The 71st Scripps College Ceramics Annual, curated by Professor Julia Haft-Candell, has proven to be  perhaps the best show yet. With a variety of styles and artists on display, the pieces blended seamlessly together. The show will be on campus at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery until April 5.