Let Us Start at the Very Beginning: Your Guide to Campus Health

For the first of my many no-judgement, sex-positive pieces I thought I’d start with the basics of sexual health resources on campus. It’s important to know where everything is and what services are provided so that you can be safe and in control of your body. There are many places you can go for these services, including Student Health Services, which is located in the Tranquada building, across from the Honnold Mudd library. In terms of services for women, Student Health does breast examinations and pap smears, which are recommended for women over 21 or within three years of starting intercourse. Birth control methods like the pill, Nuvaring and diaphragms are also available at the health center. If you are a sexually active person, getting tested for STD’s and STI’s is the responsible thing to do, for both you and your partner(s). The health center provides STD and STI testing. The Health Education Outreach (HEO), which is located in the same building and floor as the Health Center, does free HIV testing on Wednesdays from 11am-1pm. It’s confidential and only takes about 20 minutes, and the best part is that it doesn’t require needles! The Queer Resource Center also does HIV testing on the first Friday of every month from 1:30pm-3:30pm. I highly recommend that everybody gets tested; knowledge is power, people!

In case you need it, Pomona has a vending machine with Plan B and other safer sex supplies open to students at all the colleges. It is located in the Wellness Room on the second floor of Walker Hall Lounge. Plan B costs 20 dollars, the same as at the Health Center, so this is a good option if you want more privacy and don’t feel comfortable going to the Health Center. The HEO provides free, confidential pregnancy testing and has free condoms, dental dams and other supplies that are open to all students. There are also trained Peer Health Educators at the HEO at all times in case you have any questions or just need to talk to someone. Take advantage of these resources; they are there to be used by students. I know too many people who still buy their condoms and lube at Target; enjoy the never-ending, free sex supplies while they last.

Useful Contact Information:
Health Education Outreach: 909-607-3602
Student Health: 909-621-8222