Meet Your New SAS Leaders!

By Sophie Fahey ‘17 and Talia Speaker ‘18
Staff Writers

On Tuesday, March 24 and Wednesday, March 25, 583 Scripps students voted in the Scripps Associated Students (SAS) elections; after run-offs on Thursday, March 26, 19 positions were filled for next year. To learn more about our new SAS leaders, read on!

The newly-elected SAS leaders for the 2015-2016 school year are:

  • President: Minjoo Kim ‘16
  • Vice President: Anna Cechony ‘17
  • Student Activities Chair: Bekah Manikowski ‘16
  • Judicial and Academic Review Chair: Morgan Weidner ‘17
  • Secretary: Madison Welsh ‘16
  • Co-Treasurers: Katherine Goree ‘16  & Nia Gillenwater ‘16
  • Senior Class Presidents: Grace Dahlstrom ‘16 & Jennie Xu ‘16
  • Junior Class Presidents: Isabella Levin ‘17 & Meagan McIntyre ‘17
  • Sophomore Class President: Kelly Peng ‘18
  • Recent Graduate Trustee: Tori Sepand ‘15
  • CLORGs Chair: Sneha Deo ‘17
  • Student Union Chair: Mandeep Sandhu ‘18
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Chair: Pam Ng ‘16
  • Sustainability Chair: Elizabeth Medford ‘16
  • Media Relations Chair: Samantha Richards ‘18
  • Dorm Activities Chair: Grace Reckers ‘18
  • Campus Activities Chair: Atika Gupta ‘16
  • 5C Events Chair: Jewels Tambone ‘17
  • Faculty Staff Relationship Chair: Tatissa Zunguze ‘18

The Scripps Voice (TSV) caught up with some newly-elected SAS members to get to know them better.

As co-treasurers, Goree and Gillenwater will chair the Funding Advisory Committee, and maintain the SAS financial accounts. They will also sit on the Presidential Advisory Budget Council, participate in the allocation of funds from the Student Investment Fund, and present about the funding process to the study body. Goree and Gillenwater hope to “increase transparency of how student fees are spent, make funding proposal forms available online, effectively communicate funding options with CLORGs, and educate students on available funding for events, academic project and opportunities” (Statement of Intent).   

KATHERINE GOREE ‘16 (co-treasurer)

Background in leadership: This year, I've been co-Vice President of the Student Investment Fund and President of the Economics Society. Last year, when I was Treasurer of the Economics Society, I learned how important funding was for CLORGs to function on campus.

Why ran in SAS election:  I want to learn more about where student fees go. I also think that co-treasurer is a valuable position because you get to educate students on how they can use SAS money, including FAC [Funding Advisory Committee] funding, to make the most of their time at Scripps.

Favorite Motley drink: Burning Willow

NIA GILLENWATER ‘16 (co-treasurer)

Background in leadership: I have been an RA for the past two years and will be Head RA next year. [I also sat] on SAS this past year as an RA representative, so I understand how SAS operates already.

Why ran in SAS elections: I am really interested in how SAS-- but also Scripps and other firms in general-- spend their money, so I wanted to learn how we spend our money and what changes can be made to make students better off.

Favorite Motley drink:  I’m a huge tea fan so a tea au lait with any of the black teas or the new white tip jasmine tea will make me very, very happy.


As president, Kim’s responsibilities will include chairing the Executive Board (EB), motivating SAS members “to maximize their individual and collective contributions through individual meetings” (SAS website); to meet with the Dean of Students, College President and other Scripps College staff on a regular basis; and to send emails to the student body with announcements and EB meeting highlights. Kim said, “I hope to continue and improve the incredible work that SAS has been doing, and I know we can do much more! My priority will be to make sure that all voices are heard” (Statement of Intent).

MINJOO KIM ‘16 (SAS president)

Background in leadership:  Next year will be my third year on SAS as part of the Executive Board after serving the past two years as Student Union Chair. I've served as Student Representative for the Facilities and Planning Committee, served on Board positions on Scripps Mock Trial, Scripps College Economics Society, and also was a Peer Mentor for NSP [New Student Program]. I think my experience working with CLORGs and exposure and connections to various offices will allow me to understand and advocate for various students' voices.

Why ran in SAS elections: I've actually wanted to run for SAS President after my first year at Scripps. I've seen first-hand how much positive, impactful change SAS can bring, and I wanted an opportunity to continue being a part of such an incredible community of Scripps students. You've elected a very diverse and inspiring group of campus leaders, and I'm excited to see what great work next year's SAS will do!

Favorite Motley drink:  My go-to drink during fall/winter is definitely "Bowl of Soul" and my new favorite spring/summer drink is "Triple-C".


As the Sophomore Class President, Peng must plan two Class of 2018 events per semester as well as assist the Campus Activities Chair. Peng said, “As a Sophomore Rep, I will: hold class events that you care about, foster the culture of the class of 2018 to be an inclusive and supportive environment, and increase communication from SAS through biweekly debrief emails” (Statement of Intent).

KELLY PENG ‘18 (Sophomore class president)

Background in leadership: In high school, I was involved in several clubs where I had leadership positions such as Secretary, Treasurer, [and] Vice Chair, and I've served in an executive office position on the state board for Key Club. Although these were all great experiences, I think the experience that will help me succeed the most in my position was being the captain of the cross country team. I like to think of our class as a team trying to make it to the finish line together and I think we can have a good race while we're at it!

Why ran in SAS elections: I decided to run for Sophomore Class President because I wanted to really have a voice at Scripps and represent the Sophomore class and its best interests. I also wanted to play a part in bringing our class closer together and beginning the commencement speaker search process.

Favorite Motley drink: Bowl of soul with Moroccan mint tea


Gupta will be in charge of organizing the weekly Sunday Night Snack, as well as planning and helping other students plan activities for the Scripps community. Gupta said, “I memorized 73 digits of pi and won a pie on Pi Day, I love free food and I have way too much time on my hands” (Statement of Intent).

ATIKA GUPTA ‘16 (Campus Activities Chair)

Background in leadership: I managed a weekly café as Ventures Director for Nourish International at the 5Cs, so I know all about the importance of a good snack on Sunday nights.

Why ran in SAS elections: I have always wanted to be on SAS, and I'm excited to assist in making next year memorable!

Favorite Motley drink: Anything with chai


Reckers will “organize cross-dorm events to build form community” (website), as well as meet with Hall Senate monthly. Reckers said, “Goals: Increase Senate involvement in the community, restructure framework of Senate to plan more meaningful events, better integrate Senate with SAS so that Senators tackle similar issues, ensure that every Senator knows how to make use of all opportunities on campus to program and fund events, and connect Senate with BeHeard and Let’s Talk” (Statement of Intent).

GRACE RECKERS ‘18 (Dorm Activities Chair)

Background in leadership:  I was Student Body President during my senior year of high school just last year. This experience gave me extensive opportunities to improve my public speaking, organization, leadership, communication and programming skills. As President, I worked to connect the administration to the student body, and I sat on several influential committees for the high school.

Why ran in SAS elections: I decided to run for Dorm Activities Chair because I am a current Senator who sees a lot of room for improvement in the Senate program. As DAC, I will be in charge of making these changes with the ultimate goal of strengthening the dorm community on campus.

Favorite Motley drink: London Fog with rooibos tea