Students Voted Staff and Faculty Members of the Year

By Sophie Fahey '17
Staff Writer

During the last week of March and first week of April, Scripps students voted for the staff and faculty members of the year. Students nominated staff and faculty during SAS elections, and five staff and faculty members were chosen for the next stage of voting.

As part of Spring Fling, SAS hosted a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Party at the Motley. At this party, Mathilde Grandberry and Mary Hatcher-Skeers  were awarded Faculty and Staff of the Year, respectively.

Hatcher-Skeers won Professor of the Year. She is a chemistry professor as well as the Sidney J. Weinberg Jr. Chair in Natural Sciences. Hatcher-Skeers is “a biophysical chemist studying the role of local dynamics in Protein-DNA recognition. Her research emphasizes the synthesis of isotopically labeled nucleosides for investigation via high resolution and solid state NMR” (Scripps website).

Grandberry won Staff Member of the Year. She is the building attendant for Frankel and Routt Residence Halls and is loved by many for her hard work, dedication, and friendly attitude.
 Last year Piya Chatterjee won Professor of the Year and Dean Sam Haynes won Staff Member of the Year.