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As you all know, we recently moved to the Ventfull platform where you may post all of your own events, see the programming you care about and “upvote” the events you think are cool. I recently got some statistics that show how well Ventfull is working at the 5Cs. There are 728 users — half of whom are Scripps students (way to go, Scripps!), 202 events have been posted since school started and the most popular event is SAS Snack with 77 upvotes. I strongly encourage you all to continue using the site and adding your events!

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SAS Bimonthly

By Anna Cechony ‘17 & Jewels Tambone ‘17
Faculty/Staff Relations & 5C Events Chair

Anna Cechony, SAS’ faculty and staff relations chair, recognized the fact that there was a problem with communication between students and faculty members. This became most obvious to her last spring when issues regarding professors, class offerings and self-designed major options were directed towards members of the Senior Staff. Through SAS Orientation this past August, Anna became aware of the fact that all of these problems could and should be better addressed by the faculty rather than the Senior Staff.
The faculty at Scripps College is self governed by an elected group of nine faculty members, including the Dean of Faculty known as the Faculty Executive Committee. This committee has a range of functions, including disgruntled faculty members, course offerings, self designed majors and set the agendas for the faculty meetings. Anna became aware of the fact that FEC did not have a student representative, unlike many different committees of the college.
After a meeting with the chair of FEC, Professor David Andrews, and a member of FEC, Professor Kimberly Drake, Anna proposed new bylaws to FEC to include student representation on a subcommittee. The Academic Policy Sub-committee is composed of two members of the FEC with one designated as the chair and the registrar. The APS reviews changes to the curriculum and academic policy. These include new course proposals and changes to existing courses (e.g. descriptions, titles, pre-reqs), modifications to major requirements, and all other amendment to the Academic Catalog.
FEC recently approved Anna’s update to their bylaws to include a student representative on the APS. This position will now be part of the Faculty-Staff Relations Chair’s position, and SAS will soon be updating its bylaws to reflect this change.
We are excited that we were able to work with FEC to make them more accessible and increase student input in faculty matters. In addition, SAS is working to make FEC a more transparent governing body on campus by providing a description of FEC in the Student Union, along with a list of the nine current FEC members.
If you have any questions or concerns about what APS will be addressing please reach out to our Faculty-Staff Relations Chair, Anna Cechony at .

SAS Correction, BeHeard forum, Issue One

President Bettison-Varga and members of her senior team have been considering the addition of a new residence hall for several years.  A new residence hall will both provide additional bed space and ensure that only those rooms built as doubles and triples are utilized as such. Information regarding the Gabrielle Jungles-Winkler Residence Hall, as well as the information provided regarding “a contract with the donor” was inaccurate.